Guests wear period costumes

Mystery Adventures offers originally written murder mystery parties that are sure to entertain everyone from super sleuths and budding thespians to those who just love to have fun. Our murder mysteries are great to be used as team builders for company parties, fund raisers, or just plain fun for private parties.

Mystery Adventures offer the following types of parties:

For adults:

Full participation parties for 25 to 100 participants. All participants are assigned a character and dressing in period attire is suggested. This is a full evening of fun - approximately 4 hours.

Susan Cowan
Susan Cowan, Author

All mysteries are originally written by Susan Cowan and are planned to provide a full evening of entertainment. They are period parties starting in 1898 and moving into the 1960's. Each party has wild characters, bizarre settings and tons of fun.
You enter the party as your assigned character, in period attire, and participate with your fellow sleuths to solve the forth coming mystery. Plan to have a good time and to be entertained as well.

History of Mystery Adventures

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